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Mill City Grows

The Merrimack Valley Growers Aid Program (MVGA) within Mill City Grows (MCG) provides resources and education to limited-resourced and socially disadvantaged farmers in the Merrimack Valley.​

The Problem

MCG needed a way to help the Program Manager manage the brand new Merrimack Valley Growers Aid Program, which was funded by a USDA NRCS grant award. They needed a way for him to manage all the logistical and operational moving parts of the program, as well as the financial performance of the grant and the impact that the grant was having on its recipients. 

The Solution

Streamlined and automated data collection which reduced amount of places data needs to be entered

Reduced duplicative manual data entry and manual errors by using smart dropdown lists

Created clear picture of what the program needs to measure and how to measure it

Created executive dashboards and reporting capabilities

Created program performance reporting

Allowed program manager to run program with confidence

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