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Sound Familiar?

You’re a seasoned non-profit leader who is dedicated to improving your organization’s corner of the world. 

But there are so many balls to juggle: donors to convert, grants to win, volunteers to organize, board members to inform.

All of this is on top of operating the imperative programs your non-profit offers and the never-ending pursuit for financial sustainability.

Your mission-driven work deserves a mission-and-data-driven solution…

A Strategic Growth Model guides your decisions and empowers you to feel confident that those decisions are fueling growth. 

With that type of north star, your impact is not only inevitable, but it’s also limitless. 

Hi! I’m Sarah Merion, a strategic growth model consultant.

Another way of saying this: I’m the business side to your humanitarian heart, and am here to help serve you in furthering your mission.

After more than a decade of helping companies make [more] money, I was ready for something new. I’d helped C-suite executives scale their companies, create products that customers need and want, and leverage the power of data and technology to provide invaluable insights. I’ve worked for Fortune 100 companies, tiny startups, and with brilliant colleagues. I realized that the business woman inside me craved more. 

More impact, more alignment with how my work helped the world, and more desire to support those on the front lines of non-profit work that helps people and the planet survive and thrive. 

Why does this all matter? 

It led me to my mission to empower non-profits to compete for donor dollars, grant awards, volunteer time, and community involvement using the same methodology that for-profits use to compete in the market.

Meet Your Consultant:

I’ve been a lot of places before I started Impact Aligned, all of which help me look at your nonprofit like a Rubix cube – constantly turning it over to understand every angle and every opportunity. Some Rubix cubes I’ve played with: 

National Kidney Foundation

Digital analytics and custom software

hedge fund

Music royalties accounting firm

Government aviation contracting

Waste management

CBD manufacturer

Senior living sensor technology

Golf industry

Higher education

Global pet food brand

Corporate market research

Mental health /digital mental health

Large hospital system

Complementary healthcare

Insurance tech

Where to Next?

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