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Increase your non-profit’s
Impact .
Increase your non-profit’s
Impact .
Increase your non-profit’s
Impact .

High growth-consulting for Data-Curious organizations

Grow your non-profit more effectively by unlocking the value of your data and leveraging it to create your desired impact. 

Investing in data is the business handhold to the humanitarian heart.

Visualize your impact

By focusing on your organization’s data in the context of your non-profit’s theory of change, logic model, strategic goals, and program initiatives, you can truly see your impact. From there, you can pitch your value potential to stakeholders (think: donors, grantors, boards, community, and more) to exponentially grow your non-profit and the impact you can have in the world.

Reasons you should care about a strategic growth model:

Get crystal clear on your objectives and priorities of what impact you want to achieve (and then find the data to measure it)

Understand how your operations and activities create (or don’t create!) growth in your organization

Help you make strategic and operational decisions based on your own real-time data and analysis

Visualize your progress vs stated objectives and metrics

Forecast your impact based on your real-time data

Improve your messaging of your non-profit’s impact on potential donors (and why they should give to you vs. someone else!)

Provide measured and quantitative evidence in grant applications

Increase transparency to board and community members to build trust and loyalty

Forge relationships with local government stakeholders where you are providing value

About Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah, the human behind Impact Aligned.

After 13 years of strategy and technology consulting for the private sector, I decided it was time to use my expertise to empower non-profits to grow their impact using the same methods as for-profit companies. I’ve helped organizations utilize their own data in order to help save them boatloads of money and build profitable growth.

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